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This pinky promise vow seal is super cute:


A piggy back ride to leave?!  That is so us!


Great idea for an outside wedding!


Cute idea, instead of throwing rice…esp. since throwing rice in a forest would be a big no-no!


I love the idea of sending rsvp postcards with the invitation, less paper wasted, cheaper and super cute!


Bridesmaids (and bride!) in boots, I am loving this!


Instead of traditional real flowers, I am loving fabric bouquets.  I am going to attempt to make my own, possibly a combo of yo-yo flowers and no-sew fabric roses.






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Camping weddings that I may use for personal inspiration for my own wedding:










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So I am blogger!  Sweet.  If you are reading this thank you, and as a disclaimer: I am not writing this blog to entertain people with my awesome, amazing and interesting life (although it is!  lol), I am mainly writing this to get my thoughts out, attempt to fill my mind with clarity, make to-do lists, talk about wedding ideas & planning, brag about my kids, discuss what it is like to be a Mom, full time student and plan a wedding/honeymoon at the same time etc.  I might write in this blog everyday and I might forget about it and not write in it for 6 months at a time, I just don’t know yet!  So expect this blog to be really interesting and intense or really boring and non-existent.  One or the other, only time will tell!!!

What is my goal for this blog, other than what I already have mentioned?!

I want to have a place to come to clear my head, blow off steam, share frustrations, share ideas, and to chronicle a huge year in my life that is just getting under way.

To-Do list # 1:

-start getting serious about wedding planning (firm up a date and venue, wedding party, budget etc)

-decide when/if to send out save the dates

-buy books for fall semester

-take the girls back to school shopping

-get packed up and organized for camping at Silver Creek

-get organized for hosting book club on Monday

-Don’t forget the girls have a dentist appt next wed at 9am and to talk to the ortho after!

-deep clean my house (Ha!  Like this is ever going to happen!)

What I am grateful for today:

-my kids and my Michael

-that we are going camping next weekend!

-that my Mom took the girls tonight, so that I can relax!!!


-Iced coffee

-alone time

-my kindle

Thought of the day…how do you feel about camping weddings?  Does it sound awesome?  Unique?  Fun?  Would you go to one?

If you don’t know what I am talking about look up ‘camping weddings’ on google. 😉

Peace out!

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